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Breakdown on what I learned from the 10X RULE!

Ch. 1: You should INTEND to keep success not just get it. Does it make sense to go on a diet and lose 10 lb and then gain back 12 lb?
As long as you are alive you will live to accomplish your own goals and dreams or you’ll be used as a resource to accomplish someone else’s goals and dreams.

Ch. 2: You have to inspect your efforts. No longer could I use every excuse and reason in the book on why I wasn’t achieving my goals and why I was feeling deflated. It was my effort.

If you feel like you’re needing to adjust your goal, you getting off track in your activities. The goal should never be adjusted lower, your effort should be adjusted to 10X levels.

The more action you take, the more chances you have of getting lucky!

Ch. 3: Success is your duty and there’s no shortage of success. Why is Success important to you?

Ch. 4: Success as an ethical issue… an obligation to the ones you love.

Because of external forces like the economy collapsing, Grants companies and family were put at risk. He had a major mental shift when he realized what he was doing was thinking too small because it didn’t prepare him for catastrophic external forces.


Ch. 5: Success is not a commodity, something you grab off the shelf, it’s not a product! Success is abundant!


Ch. 6: Assume all responsibility. If you’re willing to take credit when you win, you got to take credit when you don’t win. After every unpleasant event, ask yourself, “What do I need to do to ensure this doesn’t happen again? Where’s the opportunity in this obstacle?” Creating excuses takes more energy from your potential than success does.


Ch. 7: There are no shortcuts. The more action you take the better your chances of getting a break.

Four areas of action: Not taking any action, retreating, taking average amounts of action, taking massive amounts of action.

Taking average amount of action is the most damaging because it’s accepted in our society. Choosing to be average is truly retreat. You’re retreating from your fullest potential and choosing to stay average.

Massive Action is natural for us. We’re born with it. When you see kids, they are in constant action and only until adults tell them otherwise, they’re in constant movement. Massive Action create more challenges. Massive Action creates certainty and security. If you’re not creating new, larger problems, you’re not taking massive action


Ch. 8: Average is a failing formula.

You can’t plan everything that’s going to happen to you while you grow your business, so staying in average activities, you will get trampled. Average does not prepare you for sickness, War, natural catastrophes, economic downturns, etc. Average is an assumption that everything is going to go perfectly, smoothly, with no problems.


Ch. 9: Write huge goals down in the morning and before you go to bed.

Some people say you lose interest in a goal if it’s too big and you never hit it. If the goal is so small you don’t have interest in writing it down every day, you’re going to lose interest anyways. (put example of your affirmations). Large goals will help you push through resistance. 
Make your goals equal to your potential.
You don’t need to set goals to have a realistic or reasonable life. Everyone has one of those.


Ch. 10: Domination is immunity.

Don’t compete… Dominate your sector. Don’t set your goals at a competitive level, set them at a dominant level. Think unfair Advantage instead of a Competitive Edge. Think about what your competitors won’t do or can’t do and take action on that activity.
Beat deep pocket advertising with 10X effort! Action cost $0.

You can’t dominate if you can’t penetrate and you can’t penetrate without action!

Ch. 11: Middle class is a mindset.

Financially, the middle-class squeeze is real! The poor get help. The middle class is right above the line of not getting help but struggling to keep wages above the cost of living. You must be aware of this if you’re in the middle class and take action to move up and out.


Ch. 12. Some people only do enough until it feels like work. Only successful become obsessed. Obsession is a natural state. Watch kids as they become obsessed over a new toy, the focus to get something and have it their way. Become obsessed and you will become a bonfire of light for others to be inspired by your action, focus and 100% desire to make something happen! It’s only when everything works out that people see the successful as being a genius, instead of seeing Obsession as a negative point.

Ch. 13. There are certain limits in life, that you in fact have no limits unless you place them on yourself. Over commit and over deliver. If you’re not creating new problems for yourself, you’re not taking enough action!


Ch. 14: Expand, never retract.

You must stick to expanding so that the market will submit to your efforts. When you expand when others retreat, tremendous ground will be covered. I’d rather my business die in expansion than die in retraction. This is not just expanding your money in the market, this is expanding your energy and your efforts as well!

Ch. 15: Don’t lose momentum when you start to taste success. Keep stacking wood so that the fire is so hot and burns so brightly, that not even your competitors and Market changes can’t put your fire out. You keep adding fuel and you’ll find that your competitors will sit next to your fire for warmth. Success is like a garden. You must tend to it. If you don’t, your flowers start to die. Only the average say you’re working too much and you’re taking too much action. They say it to justify their following of the status quo.


Ch. 16: Fear is the indicator.

An absence of concerns should signal that you are only doing that which you are comfortable with, which will only yield more of what you have right now. Starve fear by taking away it’s favorite food, time!

Ch. 17: There is never true balance.

If you have never journaled what you do with your time, you cannot complain about not having enough of it. Are you creating time or are you allowing someone else to create time for you? Most people only work enough for it to feel like work. Successful people work at a pace that produce such satisfying results that work is a reward. Work should create a mission, and a sense of purposefulness.


Ch. 18: When you start to feel criticism, that will be a sure sign that you’re getting closer to success. Criticism can come in many forms. One may look like advice. example, “You really shouldn’t work so hard. You should really enjoy life.” You will be criticized as you gain more success. Take that as a sign you’re moving in the right direction. What better way to beat down criticism then to keep succeeding at 10X  levels.

Ch. 19: If your product or service is available on customer satisfaction, you’re Criminal. Now with that being said, customer service isn’t the Target, customer acquisition is. Like Gary Keller says, you’re not in the real estate business, you’re in the lead generation business. Grant Cardone says, “I know when a customer is dissatisfied because the only way they can be dissatisfied is when they don’t have my product or service.”


Ch. 20: Think huge! Think omnipresent!

Make a goal that is so big, it may not be obtainable. The idea is that it’s so big, the journey will take you to levels of success you’ve never seen before. Your brand and your logo are very important but only if people know you. You must take up all the space you can to grab all the attention that you can so that everywhere and anywhere people know who you are, what you do and immediately relate with your brand.


Ch. 21 Excuses.

Excuses are for people that refuse to take responsibility for their life and how their life is turning out. Excuses are an alteration of reality. Nothing happens to you, they happen because of you. The quality of rare is what makes something valuable. Anything that is plentiful has very little worth. Excuses are one item that people seem to have an endless supply of. Because they are so plentiful, they’re worthless.


Ch. 22. Economics, education and demographics have nothing to do with reaching high levels of success. Successful people think differently. Success leaves clues. You must duplicate.
1. Have a can-do attitude. Build this into your culture.

2. Believe that you can “figure it out”. “I don’t know” doesn’t help any situation. This just shows that you declined to seek to understand. Do whatever it takes to figure it out. Find a solution.

3. Successful people focus on opportunity. The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity.

4. Successful people LOVE challenges. Challenges are the experiences that sharpen successful people’s abilities.

5. Successful people seek to solve problems. Some companies create problems to find future solution first.

6. Successful people persist until successful. Persistence beats Talent.

7. Take risk. Your environment must support you taking risk. For the successful embrace the future and take big risk to reap big Rewards.

8. Be unreasonable. The Impossible will never become possible if you fall in the realm of reasonable. Most of the world lives in a reasonable state which only produces ordinary. The ones who are unreasonable usually make a huge difference in our world.

9. Be dangerous. Most people do more harm playing safe and being cautious. You must take 10X levels of Massive Action.

10. Create wealth. Poor people believe that you must work in order to make money. And once the money is made, they are taught to save it. The wealthy understand that wealth isn’t limited to a monetary Supply. They understand that there’s an abundance amount of money. There is not a shortage of money, only a shortage of people creating wealth.

12. Always Say Yes. There are more possibilities and opportunities in the word yes, then the word no.
13. Habitually commit. Lazy people try, successful people commit. Commitment is rare which makes it valuable. Commitment is a pledge to do whatever it takes.
14. Go all the way. Commit to being unreasonable until your goal is achieved.
15. Focus on the now. Successful people focus on the now and the future while unsuccessful people continue to live in the past and see the future to be opportunity to procrastinate. 
16. Demonstrate courage. Courage = doing. 
17. Successful people Embrace change.
18. Determine and take the right approach. 
19. Successful people break traditional ideas. Most successful people are called thought leaders for a reason. They think differently. Find your way into space that is changed very little, disturb it with new ideas, services and products and you could reap huge Rewards
20. Be goal oriented. If you don’t stay focused on your goals, you’ll spend your life achieving the objectives and goals of other people, particularly the ones who are goal-oriented.

21. Be on a mission. Make sure that your mission is tied to changing the world! If not, you may not be on a mission and just simply doing a job.
22. Have a high level of motivation. The non-motivated wonder around with no purpose. Motivation is an inside job. Keep your attention on the possibilities, goals that are out of reach and not the probable will keep you motivated.
23. Be interested in results. Successful people value results. 
24. Have big goals and Big Dreams. Successful people think big and have monster goals! Having realistic and reasonable goals will lay you smack middle of billions of people. Separate yourself in your goals by thinking and acting big!
25. Create your own reality. Successful people have a high disregard for what the masses believe is possible. Successful people are hell-bent on creating their own reality.
26. Commit first and figure it out later. Creativity follows commitment. The market will challenge you to act first and will Slaughter the ones who procrastinate in “getting it right” before executing.

27. Be highly ethical. Going to jail is an immediate disqualifier for success. Being ethical is taking action on what you said you would do. If you feel you have the best product or service, it is unethical for you not to push it in the marketplace at a high level. Ethical people achieve results they desire and create so much success, it changes and protects the lives of others.
28. Be interested in the group. It doesn’t matter your title or your position, your success is limited to the people that’s around you. Do everything you can do bring your team up because it is likely to raise your level of success as well.
29. Be dedicated to continual learning. Top CEOs see a $30 book as an investment in themselves while the poor see a $30 book and wonder how they can get it for $12. The media often talks about the rich versus the poor but never talks about all the seminars, books, self-help workshops and more the rich have gone to in order to improve their personal and professional lives. 
30. Be uncomfortable. It’s so tempting to become content with your surroundings and most the time we find that it no longer challenges you. Successful people are willing to put themselves in new and unfamiliar environments.

31. Reach up in relationships. Reach up for people that are better educated, more successful and better connected.
32. Be disciplined.

Ch. 23. Start writing goals now! Write down the three things are going to help you achieve your goal and take action now! 
1. Do not reduce your goals!
2. Do not get lost in detail on how to accomplish them at this point.
3. Ask yourself today, what actions do I need to take to move myself closer to my goals?
4. Take all action on all items on your list regardless of how uncomfortable it is.
5. Do not prematurely value the outcome of your actions.
6. Go back and reevaluate this list.
Only acceleration can get a car out of mud. Even moving an inch will give you momentum to move the next inch again. No thinking can get the car out of the mud, only action. You may have to get dirty but as you know, it’s better than being stuck.


If something great happens in your life or you’re faced with an opportunity that will get you closer to your dreams, don’t smother it with time.
Be unreasonable about your future!
Don’t listen to others that remind you of how and why things didn’t work out in the past. Remind them that you’re not focused on the past, you’re only focused on the future.
Success is your duty! 
Follow thru on your responsibility, your obligation, and your duty to leave a footprint on this planet!