Bo Menkiti and Martin Weldon

“The Wealth Building Journey”


The Menkiti Group has had a 58% YOY growth.

2017, the Menkiti Group made $102M in revenue.

KW Capital Properties has shared $6.9M in profit share since 2006


Bo Menkiti Quotes (some borrowed):

“You only hit what you aim at”

“We profit to serve and serve to profit”

“Success is never an individual process”

“Be stubborn about the goal, not the process”

“Thoughts get sharpened by action”

“Purpose lives in our heart. Purpose drives priority. Both push productivity. Productivity drives profit. Profit then makes an impact which fuels our purpose.”

“Entrepreneurship and opportunity is about moving in the white space”


Have employees and sells people in your organization invest a fixed amount or a percentage of their checks to go into an account that will ultimately be used to impact the community.

Ask yourself not what real estate can do for you, but what can you do through real estate. What and who could you impact?

If you look at Business, Government and Philanthropy, which one is the only factor that creates something new? Business. The government is fueled off taxes from businesses and philanthropy is fueled from profitable businesses.

B.A.R = Belief, Actions, Results. You first must believe in your cause or activity to act on it. From that, you create positive results.


  1. Spend less than you make.
  2. Invest the difference wisely.

Success is linear… FALSE. Success happens gradually and then suddenly. So many quit during the gradual.

Somewhere in the middle of growth you hit a “I cant do this anymore” and/or “Is this even worth it” moment. This is when the amount of investment doesn’t calibrate with the reward. This is where we are pushed. Reality is, its just before the largest most energized progression happens in our business (the suddenly).

In hiring, Bo and his team need to see a phenomenal track record. It doesn’t matter that it might not be in real estate, however, they need to some evidence of an amazing track record.

Qualify Opportunity:

  1. Qualify the opportunities presented to you.

Not all opportunities are the same. You must qualify the opportunities presented to you.

  1. Make sure you are qualified for the opportunities that arise.
  2. When opportunity presents itself you must be ready for it.

When Bo was asked what he would do differently, he said “I would spend more time finding great people who wanted to go where I wanted to go and less time forcing others to go where I wanted to go” “I would have found elite talent earlier in my career” “I would have sought out more people who were successful”

You have to be open to constantly look for talent.

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